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Scott Sparlin

Scott Sparlin

“A Stumpin’ Politician” from New Ulm

Scott S – Role in the Movement to Clean Up the Mn River from Anne Queenan on Vimeo.

When it comes to the citizens’ movement to clean up the Minnesota River, Scott Sparlin, Executive Director of Coalition for a Clean Minnesota River (CCMR), is like the famous iconic leader who is monumentalized in his home town

Herman the German

of New Ulm – standing tall and forging ahead, fishing pole in hand, along with pure vision and determination.  He shares a contagious sense of humor while helping to move us all along in doing our part.

Scott is well-known and respected for his leadership in this movement. Here’s a few of his insights he’s garnered along the way in this week’s story from Voices of the River.

First off, the proof is in the pudding, when it comes to taking a leap of faith and investing in the Minnesota River.

Scott Sparlin on CREP from Anne Queenan on Vimeo.

Trying new ways to work together to create innovative solutions towards clean water while keeping business opportunities and growth alive is essential.  Here’s the story of point to non-point bartering that worked well for Rahr Malting Company and for the Minnesota River.

Scott Sparlin Point to Non – Point Bartering in Water Quality from Anne Queenan on Vimeo.

And on the subject of the hydrology of the river and the changing weather conditions and past floods …

Scott Sparlin – Hydrology from Anne Queenan on Vimeo.

After 25 years of working with anglers, business people, farmers, researchers, commissioners, citizens up and down the Minnesota River Valley, agencies, and people of all kind, Scott believes it’s all about the people, and our ability to try to listen to each other and be open to change in order to get the groundwater  to be recharged to what the river needs for good health.

Fourth of July picnic in New Ulm.

Deep down, he believes in the ability for most of us living in Minnesota to be positive and to do what’s needed together to celebrate the well-being of the Minnesota River.  Here’s what he has to say about the grassroots movement to clean up the Minnesota River.

Scott Sparlin from Anne Queenan on Vimeo.

To read more, checkout the interview with Scott transcribed on the next tab.


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  1. If you’re interested in reading more about this concept Scott discusses in the video clip on point and non-point source water quality pollution trading, here’s a link from Forrest Peterson on the same topic.

    August 22, 2012

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